A/Prof Kate Sofronoff

This is a very different book from the usual offerings about impending motherhood that focus on the day-to-day necessities of feeding and sleeping and managing the other duties that impinge. This book focuses very directly on the often distressing thoughts and feelings associated with motherhood – will I be good enough, how will I manage the pain and stress of it all, will my child be disadvantaged by having me as a mother? While the content of the book is based in research and clinical expertise, it does not read like that at all, rather being an easy and joyful read filled with real truths.  The insights that are offered in the book allow each person to think from her own perspective about what she values and come to a sense of how she might manage any difficulties that lie ahead. This book fills a gap in the market of such books because it deals with issues that are often not acknowledged or spoken about openly.  These are truly important aspects of being a mother that most mothers will encounter in some form at some time. This wonderful book provides a means by which to work through these issues while maintaining your own values and approach to motherhood.

A/Prof Kate Sofronoff Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist
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