What can I do when my baby cries? How can we all survive the ‘witching hour’? Can Becoming Mum help?

Babies, especially for the first four months of life, can cry a lot.  Many babies, during the first four months show a ‘witching hour’ of intense crying and fussiness in the evening.  For the vast majority of babies this stage of intense crying settles, even for babies who cry very frequently.  But this stage can be very stressful for mothers! 

Becoming Mum will give you the strategies that you need to weather this difficult crying stage.  For many mothers, hearing their baby cry is one of the most heart-wrenching sounds imaginable.  As well as giving you practical suggestions for settling your baby, Becoming Mum will bolster your ability to cope.  Becoming Mum will support your ability to weather the emotional storm that crying creates at the same time as being the loving, responsive mother that you want to be.