Infant sleep advice is confusing! Should I be encouraging my baby to sleep through the night in a cot/crib or co-sleeping? Should I comfort my baby to sleep or encourage independent self-settling? Can Becoming Mum help?

You are right.  The advice on infant sleep, in particular, is contradictory and confusing for new mothers.  In fact, night waking is common throughout the whole first year of life; as many as one third of babies continue to wake during the night at their first birthday and the majority of these babies will learn to sleep through during the second year of life. 

Becoming Mum will guide you through the confusing advice on your baby’s sleep, not by offering yet more advice, but by helping you to reconnect to your parenting values.  Our values are what really matters to us, what we really want, deep down, our lives to be about.  By putting your values at the centre of your parenting, you will be able to flexibly find the solutions that work best for you and for your baby. 

You will also learn to focus on building a rewarding, meaningful life for yourself as a mother, even while you are sleep deprived, and this will support good sleep for you and your baby in the long-term. 

Note that if your baby is a young breastfed baby and is continuously waking very frequently (i.e. hourly) for breastfeeds then the problem is likely to be a feeding problem rather than a sleeping problem.  Connect with mother-led breastfeeding support organisations such as La Leche League International ( or the Australian Breastfeeding Association ( or see a Lactation Consultant.