How is Becoming Mum unique?

There already exist numerous excellent books that give women clear information on the physical realities of conception, pregnancy and birth as well as practical advice on caring for a newborn baby.

Becoming Mum is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood.

The idea for Becoming Mum first came to me when I began trying to conceive myself.

I was reading lots of pregnancy and baby books and I began to wonder why a book to support women through the psychological aspects of the transition to motherhood did not already exist.

That idea grew along with my pregnancy, as I experienced many of the challenges of becoming a mother for myself and supported my two closest friends in becoming mothers for the first time too.

I became increasingly convinced that women deserve psychological support while becoming a mum, support that is nonjudgmental and empowering, and I became increasingly determined to offer that support to women.

I found myself sketching out an initial outline for Becoming Mum while heavily pregnant, over my due date and impatiently awaiting the beginning of labour.

During my maternity leave I used my daughter’s nap times to put together a first draft.

In fact, most of the content of Becoming Mum was literally written on a laptop propped up on my knees while my darling daughter slept across my chest.

That’s another thing that makes Becoming Mum unique. It is uniquely genuine.

When you are a new mother yourself, when you are literally leaning over your new baby to type, gently kissing her head as you think through your next sentence, it forces you to drop the veil of being ‘an expert’ and, instead, write from your own heart.