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Becoming Mum is a truly unique self-help book. It is the first book written to support women, all women, through the psychological passage to motherhood, empowering them to become the kind of mother they wish to be. Learn more about … Continue reading

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How can I buy Becoming Mum? Becoming Mum can be purchased easily through online retailers such as Amazon, the Book Depository or Angus and Robertson, ordered through your local bookstore or even purchased directly here from this site using PayPal. … Continue reading

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Becoming Mum is flexible, empowering and grounded in each woman’s unique values. The practical strategies provided in this book can easily be adapted to suit specific challenges such as miscarriage, postnatal depression and preterm birth. Find out if Becoming Mum … Continue reading

Parenting from the heart

Koa regularly blogs about parenting; drawing upon her knowledge and experience as a parenting researcher, a clinical and developmental psychologist and as a mum. Join Koa in her quest to relish the joy of parenting, to love her child (and future children) with an unrelenting passion and to be the best parent that she can be. Check it out!